THE VISION IS A COMBINATION OF WHAT IS IN YOUR HEAD AND WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU We are proud to announce a new partnership with: DANILO MORONI In every place, in every corner of the world, there is a story that needs to be told. I have been spending most of my years exploring the world. I have been experiencing different colours, sounds, smells, souls, and I have found to them a unique place in the dynamism of a motion picture or in the stillness of a frame. My past as a professional dancer has allowed me to conceive the infinite possibilities of space, to hear the music even when you do not hear, to tell quietly. Later on, I started mixing my fine art approach to photography and video production developing sophistication and richness of the detail. Effective communication and always in line with the reference target. A combination of experience and creativity. Today you find me in London, or anywhere in the world you want me to be, where I create evocative and visceral content with unique style.

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